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Donate Used Computers & Electronics in Denver, CO

Donate used computers and electronics in Denver to Support schools, nonprofits, and low-income families by responsibly donating laptops, PCs, phones, and more. Make a difference in our community.

Donate Used Computers & Electronics in Denver, CO

Used Computer Donation Services in Denver

We specialize in computer donation in Denver, accepting donations of used computers, laptops, monitors, printers and other electronics from individuals and businesses. These donated computers and electronics are redistributed to schools, nonprofits, students or sold for parts, keeping e-waste out of landfills. If you have older models, broken devices with salvageable parts or a surplus of computers and electronics you no longer need, our Denver computer donation program welcomes your tax-deductible equipment and parts donations. 

Donation of Equipment We Accept

Used desktop and laptop computers

LED/LCD monitors
and displays

Networking equipment like routers and switches

Printers, scanners, fax machines

Gaming consoles and controllers

Mobile devices

Other electronics, functioning or broken

Please check our reuse price list to understand the value of your donated electronics and potential reuse credits.

Our Satisfied Clients

I have to say, I'm really impressed by professionalism and efficiency of It-Investment Recoveries team. If you're looking for hassle-free recycling, I highly recommend them

David Jones

I recently hired It-Investment Recoveries for computer recycling in Denver, and I couldn't be happier. Their team was punctual, professional, and took care of everything. Highly recommended!

David Martinelli Happy Client
David Martinelli

Their commitment to data
security and environmentally responsible practices is commendable. A reliable choice for anyone looking to
recycle electronics.

Mark Richardson Happy Customer
Mark Richardson

Every business and resident
in Denver should know
about their electronics recycling services.
They make the whole process fast, easy and secure.

Michael Brown Happy Client
Michael Brown

With affordable and efficient
Computer recycling in Denver
they exceeded my expectations. They offer reasonable rates, making recycling accessible to all on a budget.

Shams W.Pawel

Donate Used Computers in Denver

We make electronics donations easy. Our team handles all the packaging and transportation logistics at absolutely no cost to you. Call now or schedule a pickup to get started today and coordinate with our electronics donation pickup specialists. We look forward to putting your used equipment to good use!


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