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Data Destruction in Denver

Top data destroyers in Denver securely eliminating business data to strict compliance standards with certified reporting.

Certified Data Destruction Professionals in Denver

As a top data destruction company in Denver, we uses industry-approved techniques like disk wiping, onsite hardware shredding, and degaussing to securely eliminate sensitive data from computers, hard drives, tapes and other devices. We adhere to NAID and NIST standards, providing certified reporting for compliance. Our information security experts make data destruction smooth, convenient and affordable for local businesses.

Our Services

Hard Drive Shredding

Hard Drive Shredding

We use powerful industrial shredders to physically shred end-of-life hard drives into small particles that cannot be reconstructed. This ensures no data can ever be recovered. We scan serial numbers for tracking and can provide video recording for accountability. Hard drive shredding provides total data security.

Degaussing Services

Degaussing Services

We offer professional degaussing using powerful magnetic fields to completely erase and disrupt data stored on hard drives, tapes, floppy disks and other magnetic media. Our NSA approved HD-1T degausser securely wipes even classified and sensitive data beyond forensic recovery.

Disk Wiping & Sanitization

Disk Wiping & Sanitization

We utilize customized disk wiping and sanitization hardware/software that overwrite all sectors of a hard drive multiple times using DoD 5220.22-M algorithms. Disk wiping can perform up to 7 total passes with different data patterns to guarantee 100% data eradication. If drives cannot be wiped, we shred them. 

Tape Destruction Services

Tape Destruction Services

For secure tape destruction, we use specialized disintegrators and shredders designed to physically shred computer backup tapes into small particles. Tape destruction eliminates any chance of compromised data while allowing for safe recycling of these legacy formats. We provide reporting on every tape erased.

Electronics Destruction

Electronics Destruction

On-location electronics destruction allows for the demolishing of old computers, servers, networking equipment and other end computing devices right at your facility using powerful shredding machinery. This mitigates transportation risk and guarantees a certificate of destruction for all equipment processed. 

Onsite Data Destruction

Onsite Data Destruction

For ultimate chain-of-custody security, our mobile shredding trucks can visit your location in Denver with onboard shredding capabilities to destroy hard drives, tapes or electronics onsite before they ever leave your building. This end-to-end service ensures complete visibility and control.

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I have to say, I'm really impressed by professionalism and efficiency of It-Investment Recoveries team. If you're looking for hassle-free recycling, I highly recommend them

David Jones

I recently hired It-Investment Recoveries for computer recycling in Denver, and I couldn't be happier. Their team was punctual, professional, and took care of everything. Highly recommended!

David Martinelli Happy Client
David Martinelli

Their commitment to data
security and environmentally responsible practices is commendable. A reliable choice for anyone looking to
recycle electronics.

Mark Richardson Happy Customer
Mark Richardson

Every business and resident
in Denver should know
about their electronics recycling services.
They make the whole process fast, easy and secure.

Michael Brown Happy Client
Michael Brown

With affordable and efficient
Computer recycling in Denver
they exceeded my expectations. They offer reasonable rates, making recycling accessible to all on a budget.

Shams W.Pawel

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